Well, it certainly has been an interesting week. First, the Department of Transportation runs out of money for their federal highway trust fund, effectively hurting every state by fueling future employment woes View an article regarding it here. Unemployment seems to be creeping up, despite the ‘funny math’ they use to mask it and inflation.

Prior to that we had the “Palin” announcement for the GOP. The title of my blog is because I was looking at one of the pictures coming out in the media of McCain looking at her booty. Ewww. Not only that, I then had the gall, the nerve, the sick audacity, to imagine the two having sex. I nearly threw up. More on this in a moment, after I stop twitching.

Oh, and then what? The biggest socialized-welfare for the rich-bail out of Fannie and Freddie Macs was enacted. This is causing quite a stir, because, well, it’s just wrong. It has wrong written all over it. In some respects, and this is just a speculation, perhaps we should elect republicans back into office. The definitely won’t fix this problem, however, they might make it seem a little more tolerable with their cheery Kool-Aid® outlook on all of it. I don’t think either “party” can fix the problem. Touting off the talking point of “bipartisan” collaborations seems ridiculous. Somebody needs to just take the ball in the court and try to fix things, and the only one with any real ideas on the issue seems to be Congressman Ron Paul.

FICA is said to have already blown 10% of its capital on IndyMac bank (Pasadena), which is pretty close to home. AND if that isn’t bad enough, WAMU just fired it’s CEO read more here . WAMU has been “talking” with regulators too, because they are in a jumbo heap of a mess with mortgages (pun fun?).

And to top the WAMU/Fannie/Freddie thing off, people are actually pretty upset that 1. the top executives are making HUGE wages/bonuses when the companies are tanking and 2. that the new CEO’s are making less, but still making a fortune. Oh, and what about F/F Mac’s view that when there is profit, the investors benefit, and when there is loss the tax payer’s pay? This seems criminal. Oh wait. It is.

I was watching  this guy and he pretty much thinks that investing in banks or the US dollar is a huge mistake. Probably wise. He says commodities . When I think about investing it makes sense, I have thought about solar and wind investments, alternative energies. I’m sure that might make a hit, considering they haven’t discovered fresh oil in quite a while, and the peak oil thing is probably the real reason we invaded Iraq in the first place.

Okay, and finally, of all the really catastrophic news I got to reading about Palin and feminism. Feminism and the media. The media, yet another huge disappointment in their propagandist reporting of election coverage. I really do hate election years. I’m not apologetic for this: Palin is not the woman for the job. She is not qualified, she’s worse than Bush and she is a little on the nutsy side. If attacking her on her lying, her lack of international experience, her lack of experience in general, her lack of knowledge of the economic issues facing this economy, the war, and finally a women’s choice makes me sexist (hahah) then so be it. Men, do not be afraid. McCain is not any better, with a 95% voting record correlating with Bushy. I think we should embrace this sexism for a change. Hillary got quite a bit of sexist coverage in the media, because, she was more qualified than any of the men running. They had to find something to go after her about. But ultimately, she was not charismatic enough, and that’s not sexist, that’s just how it is. Charisma shouldn’t have to be a requirement for office, but for these big political tickets sure does help. That’s why McSame was floundering before he found the lovely lady. He’s old, kind of flip/floppy, doesn’t understand what Middle America is about. I could go on and on. Palin, she’s got that Mary Kay made up look about her and that good ‘ol gal thing, the same way Bush had the good ol guy thing going for him. Let the stupid people of American who can’t see through this rejoice! Amen.

Am I mad? Yeah, a little. Sexism is serious and the Republicans toss it around as one of their wag-the-dog tactics. Am I worried? Yeah, a little. It seems like a scam, it seems like swift boating, it seems like Lieberman is being primed for the position.

Is all this wasted time or energy really going to help? Probably not. As you can see above, many of the failures of the past 8 years are so large, that they will probably take twice as long to undo as they took to do. It wasn’t this Democratic congress that did all this, like the delusional Bush would like you to think. Congress was run by Republicans for the past 7 years. How soon we forget. And now the actual lead of this congress isn’t by much, it isn’t enough, and it isn’t filled with the right democrats. Many of these dems need to be voted out for collusion just as much as Bush needs a swift kick to the head.

I’m not pro-democrat per say, but I’m certainly finding the groundwork to detest almost ALL republicans. And I detest that we dumb down ala propaganda of the media to instantaneously forget all the major scandals of our current government to pay attention to some moronic chick from Alaska (no offense to Alaskans, really).

Currently, I’m worried that most of our environmental laws are being tossed out by Bushes bullies. That, and the stupid FISA bill that passed worries me greatly. I see the next step this government takes will likely be more mistakes with money (housing related), and to also stop Internet’s current level of access. They see it two ways, one to help them raise money, and another a great threat to their positions. If it comes to it, they will allow for the money to flow to them, but they’ll limit people like me and other bloggers to put their voices out to be heard. It is too local and big government doesn’t like local communities. They are a threat to their constituency trust in their actions and lack of transparency of the job we have voted them into do.

I wanted to find out if the house by the 101, the one that was listed for a million dollars (someone wins the lottery!) had actually had a chance to sell. My original blog on this is here: http://chrysta.org/word/?p=21 but here is the meat of it:

“Now priced to sell” at a mere $1,050,000. Let’s do the math here, if the suggested price of a house should be 2.5 times what you earn, that would mean that the family that would fill this 3b 2.5 bath , directly next to the freeway would need to be earning $420,000 a year salary. I don’t know about you, but if I were making that kind of money, I seriously doubt that I would chose to live right next to the freeway. Hmmm. In 1993 this same house sold for $115,525. That would mean that a person or family earning $46,210 a year could live there. That seems more appropriate, don’t you think? And, if, let’s say, this house had appreciated at, lets say a generous 3% a year (average?) after 14 years, this house would be valued at $171,741.93. Heck, that is the range of a house I would actually consider myself!

The house, according to Redfin.com http://www.redfin.com/CA/STUDIO-CITY/12529-KLING-ST-91604/home/5222483 was taken off the market.

These are the statistics that I found –fascinating-:
Sold for: $911,000 in December of 2005. Originally build in 1959 (this is a 50 year old house as of next year!)

The sales history is outstanding:
Date Price Appreciation
Apr 30, 1993 $115,525 —
Oct 29, 1993 $219,000 260.9%/yr
Dec 23, 2005 $911,000 12.4%/yr

This house Appreciated 260.9% a year after being sold in 1993 for a mere $219,000 and a mere 12% a year for a $911,000 sale price in 2005. Overall, this house is pretty growth-oriented.

But now? Now houses are dropping, and according to this blog: http://lansner.freedomblogging.com/2008/05/28/socal-home-pricing-seen-at-worst-in-43-years/?ref=chrysta.org a mere 15.1%. Let’s take their asking price (previous asking price) and do some math! Their house should now (if they should choose) be put on the market for $891,450. It doesn’t have a pool, either, so it might be lower. According to Zillow the low value is $885,660. I don’t know how Zillow and cyberhomes get their estimates, but they certainly aren’t based on what people’s incomes are for the area.

Moving on. A $891,450 house would take an income of $297,150 (CEO’s income, somewhere?) and would only require a 20% down payment of $178,290. Considering reports of the lack of savings people have in the US, I doubt even the CEO could afford a reasonably close down-payment on this home. *note, the average income in the area across the freeway in 2004 was somewhere around $78k.

Why do I find this so fascinating? For one, I wonder if the owners are in denial and think they’ll be able to wait this out to sell at their close to a million price tag? Did they get in an argument with a realtor about lowering the price? Are they going to lose everything if they do? Or do they realize that they are already underwater and lost every bit of equity they sunk into the home in 2005? Are they considering “jingle mail”? I might if I were them…
I’m so curious about this home that I’m going to drive by it…

It was a nice “front” of a house. The noise from the freeway was a dull hum, something you could probably adjust to, like anything else. Worth a million? Not in my opinion, but I seem to be at odds with a lot of million dollar thinking that goes on in this town.


In an article from the OC, rents are going down there about 3.1% http://lansner.freedomblogging.com/2008/06/10/big-oc-apartment-complexes-see-rents-dropping

So what gives in the LA area. I’m driving around and just about every other apartment complex has a “for rent” sign. Mind boggling. I know that the complex we’re in is currently jacking up the prices. I know that a 1-bedroom unit now cost more than what we are currently paying for our 2. Is this panic? Greed? Realistic? Not to mention they refuse to turn the heat on in the pool this year. Bastards.

Most reasonable rents are now appearing in Pomona and other areas where the 1.5 hours of commute would suck up the money in gas costs than it would just to live close and pay a hefty sum for an over-priced rental.

I’m out-

hip hip hurray?

February 12th, 2008

Responding to your message
From: senator@boxer.senate.gov
To: me
Date: Mon Feb 11 08:27:21 2008

Dear Mrs. Me:

Thank you for contacting me regarding H.R.5140, the Recovery Rebates and Economic Stimulus for the American People Act of 2008. I appreciate hearing from you about this economic stimulus package, and I want to assure you that I strongly support providing Americans with timely relief.  I am pleased to report that on February 7, 2008, the Senate passed its version of H.R.5140. I voted for this important legislation, which also passed the House of Representatives and will soon be signed into law by President Bush.

Although I am pleased that we were able to add seniors and disabled veterans to the rebate program, I am very disappointed that my Republican colleagues blocked our efforts to extend unemployment benefits, add funding for low-income heating assistance and include tax breaks for green energy, homebuilders and homeowners.

H.R.5140 will provide approximately 130 million Americans with rebate checks of $300-$600 per individual and $600-$1,200 for married couples, plus $300 per child. 

The Senate’s version of H.R.5140 will also provide rebate checks to 20 million seniors, including about 2 million Californians. In addition, H.R.5140 will provide rebate checks for 250,000 disabled veterans who receive at least $3,000 in nontaxable disability compensation.

I believe that these provisions are crucial to stimulating our economy, as our seniors and disabled veterans are among those most in need of assistance and also among those most likely to quickly spend their entire rebate. H.R.5140 also addresses the mortgage foreclosure crisis by temporarily raising loan limits for federally backed mortgages to $729,750, which would allow many borrowers who have or are seeking higher interest jumbo loans to qualify for lower interest rate conforming loans. This will help our families lower their monthly mortgage payments and even save their homes from foreclosure.

Again, thank you for writing to me. Please feel free to contact me again about this or any other issue of concern to you. Barbara Boxer
United States Senator
Please visit my website at

First of all, let me say that I guess I was unaware that the current situation made our relatively stable poverty any more “dire” than it has always been.  I guess since the insolvency of many banks and wealthy people involved, people who can afford a house over $250,000 need a government hand-out in the form of mortgage refinancing so the banks don’t completely bust. Rather than work out the real issue, we are given a smoke screen, aka the “Stimulus” has been released into the wild.  What this really should be called is welfare for the rich, and the greedy.  I do not care about their mortgage payment or foreclosure.  I do not. I would not consciously spend my money on strangers this way.  This is not a government of representation when the wealthy are getting bailed out.   I pay taxes for this?  Really?  This is insanity at its finest.   (Besides this war…)

Do I not want a check in May or June?  I guess I don’t.  I don’t because it really means that someone fucked up somewhere along the line and this is a pre-payment of a credit line my child, his children and their children’s children will have to pay for.  But if you get a check here are some suggestions on what to do with it:

            Put it in a savings account

            Pay off a credit card

            Pay of a student loan


This “Stimulus” check also muddles the issue that we’re giving Freddie Mac and Fannie May “temporary” increases in the loan limits. How many people are going to be paying attention to this, or really understand what this is?  Guessing by the number of people who signed on the bottom line for a ARM or two, and those that thought $500,000 homes (or more) were within their budget to begin with, not many.

Perhaps this 1% stimulus will temporarily delay the inevitable need for a reset of the housing and mortgage industries.  But I just have to wonder, will it do more harm than good?   If our elected officials do little to nothing to lower the prices of housing for those of us working slaves that make “average” wages, why did we elect them?  Why should we keep them elected?  A positive “spin” in a response email still does nothing to make the situation positive. 

I am still curious if they also extended the Patriot Act with this Stimulus package.  Something I have not read about recently, but hope was not.  I believe the House version did not include King George’s free pass this round.  I believe they will do that on the 15th. 

Maybe I should return to having “blind faith” in my government.  Perhaps this delusion would make it easier to stomach the random speculations and politics of the wealthy that determine our fates.

Economic Aid Plans At-A-Glance

I am writing to oppose the wasteful and not-so-smart
economic stimulus package. I am a daily watcher of
the articles regarding the housing bubble, the
sub-prime mess, the fraud and rampant greed of
everyone involved in home creating, purchasing,
appraising and buying. Every day, I read about the
effects this will have or is having on the economy.
There were a lot of bad decisions made by many many
many people at all levels, including the fed and not
limited to the people signing the dotted lines for
their two or three mortgages.

Were you aware that there was a stimulus package in
the year 1929 <http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/great-fiscal-stimulus-package-/story.aspx?guid=%7BD3B850E5%2DE05D%2D40DA%2DA630%2D42B3CB838AE9%7D&dist=TNMostRead&ref=chrysta.org>, (depression?) and that it did little if
anything to stave of the re-balance that was necessary
for the stock market bubble created then. This
stimulus package will also prolong the agony of the
financial mistakes made over the past several years.

I fail to understand our “leaders” ability to
understand that history repeats itself, and that we
can and should do better. We should not be wasteful,
we should not reward the stupid and the greedy, and we
shouldn’t punish those that didn’t get caught up in
the hype. BUT if we all need to participate in the
activity of healing this disastrous economy, we all
need to be prepared to sit it out and let the nature
take its course. I am aware that big lobbiest and
businesses could go out of business, but this is
fitting. If they took the risk, they should also take
responsibility. Same goes for homeowners. No one will
be homeless, they can rent for less than the price of
their mortgage or previous mortgage.

Which brings me to thinking about what “change” really
means. Does it mean not cow-towing to corporate
conglomerates who are now the true operators of our
government? Or do we have real leaders in Washington
who will take command of the situation, tell us it is
going to hurt, but the sooner we go through it, the
better and for the shorter duration it will last?

I am 200% opposed to a tax rebate stimulus and
raising the limits of FM and FRMac. I am 100%
supporting tighter lending practice regulations, and
for the natural rebalance of our economy.

I want to appeal to you, by saying that I may never be
able to purchase a home that is 1/2 million or more.
Even condominiums are in that range. I have a family,
we are renters. Bring the prices of homes back to
being fundamentally based on income, not greed. Then
we’ll have progress. Quit tinkering with the
aftermath and let the natural healing process begin.

And it is NOT okay to extend the Bush administration’s terrorism surveillance program, which Republican leaders have set as a condition for allowing the stimulus bill to move ahead.  Let’s end the un-warrented surveillance ASAP and get back to correcting the way government in America was intended to operate, with Law and Ethics.


Besides my suspicion that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a leading cause of the hike in diabetes in this country, we now have two more reasons reason to doubt why corn is the leading subsidized crop in this county.  First is the very low-key and low-publicized reports that switchgrass produces 540% more energy than was required to produce the fuel.  Article here: http://www.themoneytimes.com/articles/20080109/study_switchgrass_is_an_enormous_source_of_energy-id-1015539.html 

I love <sarcasm> how something this revolutionary, this important to slowing down global warming, and possibly stopping the world’s dependence on OIL, gets a total of 134 articles.  Why?  Because we’ve come to love our high fructose corn syrup diets and $3.50 a gallon way-of-life?  No, because harnessing these commodities doesn’t make sense to a greedy corporate America.  

And our government?  We would rather fight a war that we cannot win, that effectively closes down our society with fascist law, than change the subsidies that put us there in the first place. I have mixed reaction about this story, obviously.  It is good news, but will it go the way of the electric car because it does not satisfy some stockholder’s pocket book?  Here is another quote from one of the few articles on the subject:

Farmers in Nebraska and the Dakotas brought the U.S. closer to becoming a biofuel economy, planting huge tracts of land for the first time with switchgrass—a native North American perennial grass (Panicum virgatum) that often grows on the borders of cropland naturally—and proving that it can deliver more than five times more energy than it takes to grow it.

Working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the farmers tracked the seed used to establish the plant, fertilizer used to boost its growth, fuel used to farm it, overall rainfall and the amount of grass ultimately harvested for five years on fields ranging from seven to 23 acres in size (three to nine hectares).

“Cost competitive, energy responsible cellulosic ethanol made from switchgrass or from forestry waste like sawdust and wood chips requires a more complex refining process but it’s worth the investment,” Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman said at the Range Fuels facility groundbreaking in November. “Cellulosic ethanol contains more net energy and emits significantly fewer greenhouse gases than ethanol made from corn.” Full article here:   http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?id=grass-makes-better-ethanol-than-corn

I’m out–

I post the above video, while I still can, because I think it is a good reminder of what a free voice is. Since today marks the day when the FCC voted to relax cross-ownership rules of our media, it seems fitting to do this while there is still the opportunity.

And what about Keith Olbermann’s new series, “Bushed!” about all the Bush-gates (over 53, and counting) scandals that the current administration has played smoke and mirrors about?

The latest offense to this great nation, and the world, is the tampering with contracts, in the form of a “bailout”. Who really gets bailed out? My question is, is this just another smoke and mirror to distract us from the fact that this is an upcoming election year, and there must be chaos to perform the necessary acts to take us to fascism? What could possibly be more chaotic than our current financial system in ruins? What could possibly distract us from the war, the torture, the destruction of the constitution and the destruction of the rule of law, than our economy going bust? What could sway the distraction better than having the media be heavily propagandized by corporate conglomerates who have lobbied for everything they want–and now have?

It makes my skin crawl to think that I am either right or insanely paranoid.

I had a friend who told me that the only reason we have helicopters flying overhead is so that we get “used” to them when they declare marshal law. I have news for you folks: within the last two weeks, military helicopters have flown through downtown Los Angeles. Foreshadowing?

Are we the poets of our own destiny? Are our dreams so shallow that we must have the products and amenities that make us “more”, “better” and “desirable”? The ultimate American dream is to have a house, a car, and a comfortable life. News flash: we’re all to blame. We are so busy (distracted) trying to get these ‘luxury’ items, these “homes” that we aren’t noticing the damage being done by our so-called ‘elected’ leaders. More legislation isn’t going to fix the housing crisis, heck, it can’t even get us OUT of this war. And these politicians and business people don’t want us out of this war, just like they really don’t want a “bailout”. They just want to maintain the status quotient.

What happened to the basics, and I mean real basics: Food, shelter, clothing?

I realize that my blahg is full of more questions than answers. And I’ll ask just one more: Why hasn’t President Bush been impeached yet?



November 28th, 2007

Why I haven’t written (boring excuse #1):  I came down with a horrid 3-week cold that knocked me off schedule and made me extremely tired.   Now it seems to have been taunting me with a rebound cold over Thanksgiving weekend.  Sniff. Sniff.

I could go on and on about how tired I’ve been.  How boring!

I stopped writing about the 3rd class meeting of my winter course.  I was in class, not feeling well at.all. and my instructor offered the boob sitting next to me a job.  Basically.  He asked for a resume.  I found myself wildly jealous.  WHY???  Well, I like this instructor, I like being a computer geek.   I pick this stuff up so quickly.  I’m sitting next to a guy, who can use the “Pen tool” with great fineness…and yes, I’m still envious of that also.  I guess I just wanted my instructor to ask me for a resume.  It is a wild/crazy/stupid fantasy.  I know.  And there is nothing rational about it.  And there is nothing rational about thinking about how upset I was for a week.  Or two.  I’m over it now, but I’ve had to do a little magic with the attitude adjusting for the rest of the class.

One sign that I’m not a totally lost cause is one of the homework assignments (which was a similar exercise to the last class WTF) was much easier this time around.  I was concerned that my retention in the class wasn’t what it should be, but I guess I’m absorbing what we’re doing.  It’s just hard to tell, because by 10 o’clock, I drive my brain dead self home and there isn’t much left of me for the rest of the week.  I have been sick though.  If I can just stay healthy for the next 3 weeks, I’ll be a happy camper.

I was hoping that writing would “lube” me up enough to starting writing the holiday letter for the xMas cards.  I think I need some booze.  I need to get just buzzed and all warm inside.  Amaretto. Maybe I’ll stop by the liquor store Friday evening.  It’s either that or go to the gym.  I’ve been promising myself that I would get to the gym this week and it hasn’t happened.  Hmm.

If you’re not happy, “fake it”.  I was listening to a new CD talking about our energy and beliefs.  I think I’ll make a copy of this disc for some family of mine.
I was driving home today and saw an SUV with a bumper sticker that said:  “Stop Global Whining”.   I hate SUV’s.  And I think I hate their owners too.

I’m out-

“Now Priced to Sell!”

“Now priced to sell” at a mere $1,050,000. Let’s do the math here, if the suggested price of a house should be 2.5 times what you earn, that would mean that the family that would fill this 3b 2.5 bath , directly next to the freeway would need to be earning $420,000 a year salary. I don’t know about you, but if I were making that kind of money, I seriously doubt that I would chose to live right next to the freeway. Hmmm. In 1993 this same house sold for $115,525. That would mean that a person or family earning $46,210 a year could live there. That seems more appropriate, don’t you think? And, if, let’s say, this house had appreciated at, lets say a generous 3% a year (average?) after 14 years, this house would be valued at $171,741.93. Heck, that is the range of a house I would actually consider myself!

Okay, I’ve been reading Patrick.net pretty religiously the past week or so, and while massively depressing, it is also a learning experience. I am just, and I’ll probably say this a lot, really glad to be a renter right now and not employed in the real estate industry.

The media is playing the blame and sympathy game.
After reading these articles it is clear that these are the people to blame:
The realtors (greed)
The mortgage brokers (greed)
The fraud (greed and evil)
The Fed (who the fuck knows)
The Appraisers (they need a job too, you know?)
The new home builders (build build build!)
The government (property taxes baby!)
The media
And finally,
The buyers.

BUT, we can feel sympathy for the buyer’s situation because they were either “duped” or suckered into getting their “dream” or they didn’t know what they were signing, or, in a few news articles I’ve read they have chronic or life-threatening illnesses also sapping away at their income. Some even were preyed upon by mortgage lenders. There was even an article about a blind person who couldn’t read the mortgage contract, or someone who didn’t speak English, who also was unable to read the contract, who ALSO was given a mortgage with fraudulent information being used to get him the mortgage to begin with. But I just have to wonder…yes, really wonder…if you make $9 an hour why you would ever even think that you could own a half million dollar home or more? So, I lump the buyers in the blame pile too, because bottom line: they are the bottom line: it is their signature.

Now, it is unfortunate that people are losing everything, going bankrupt and having to forclosure or shortsale. It is even sucking for people who are now paying a mortgage on a house that’s appreciation is now in the reverse direction. But c’mon people! Even I went out and bought a book on “House buying for Dummies”. And really, after doing an online mortgage calculator (be wary of –who- offers the calculator) I came to the conclusion that the homes in the Los Angeles market were out of reach. Just based on my INCOME (hello? Anyone remember that income is what rents and prices are supposed to be based on?)

When I moved here in 1999, I should have bought a condo. BUT, I had no steady employment, and I wasn’t convinced that an interest-only mortgage with nothing down was a good idea? Why? Because everyone I’ve ever talked to or listened to about this subject in my life suggested a 30 year fixed, making an extra payment a year to shorten the life of the loan. Why be careless? So, I didn’t.

And now, looking at the 10 or 11 month supply of homes on the market (depending whose talking about available homes on the market) and the lack of real mortgages out there, it is looking bleak for a lot of people. The simple economics of supply and demand haven’t really started to show. I’m certain they are shaking people to the core, but they haven’t quite come to understand the full gravity of the situation here.

I have to write about this. One of the reasons I’m so under-whelmed about the idea of a bailout is because I think the government needs to let things be so the market can continue with the cycle and not prolong the pain of this bubble bursting. Even if the pain lasts 10-11 years. OH, yes, I did include the government on the blame game. I put the government on this list because they get to charge property taxes on your home, so yeah, they love the fact that the appreciation went up some 700% or more in some areas. What a pork-belly treat!

I get to be pissed at the media too. This is like a hunt and peck for the worst victim out there, and all that really does is inspire the government to “help”. The government should have to hold our hands through life. While I agree that they should go after those that committed actual crimes, like “LIAR LOANS” and out and out fraud, I think giving bail out money is a mistake. Giving Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae a larger cap is a mistake. These are just band-aids on a gaping wound anyway. This maybe the ONLY time I’ve ever semi-agreed with that monkey Bush, but he suggested that we have temporary relief, and I have to say that this actually sounded like the wisest choice. We’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

I’m out-


October 5th, 2007

I hate election years. 

Last night in my latest class, as we did a round-robin of introductions, one of the students mentioned that he was a lawyer and an activist for the impeachment of Bush and other causes.  A few of us did a sparse applause my instructor barked “no politics in the class!” 


I love the class (so far, only 1 out of 10 nights completed) and I’m very fond of my instructor.  But the “no politics” thing got me thinking this morning.  I somehow manage to think about these things on the drive to work this morning.    It is his class and he is the boss.  It probably won’t keep me from asking the other guy about his causes, now that I’m curious at any rate.  But mostly I just want to focus on the coursework.  Sure, I can get distracted about this on the 101 Southbound, but this is my meager attempt at compartmentalizing I guess.


What is more interesting was the gal who sat just in front of me in the class who said that she worked in “real estate”.  This actually made me sad, considering the disastrous foreclosures and home prices falling like apples from a tree.  I’ve spent a lot of time searching out articles and reading up on what’s going on.  My favorite site so far is http://patrick.net/housing/crash.html because it is a collection of the day’s top articles on the subject.  On the brighter side of all this, if there is a brighter side, I am for the first time in my life glad to be renting.  I have also been educating myself on what it means to buy, values, appreciation, etc.  I didn’t think it was possible to be more disgusted with my government though, and watching them scurry to try and “save” the economy from all these liar loans and people who got these outrageous mortgages to begin with makes me sick to my stomach. I’m not saying all the people who got into this debachel deserve to get kicked out of their homes, but hells bells, even –I- knew that ½ million for a home would be impossible to pay off. And this is me, a college educated person, who has been with the same employer for nearly 6 years! I think I would, at most, pay for a house in the 150-170 range. And that’s from a two income family perspective. When I first moved to Los Angeles in 99 condos were in the 60k range. Now they are the same, if not more expensive than some listed homes in the Los Angeles area.  Take for example the new “town homes” going for the “amazing” price of $799,000!  What a steal?  They are just glorified 2-story apartments.  McMansion samplers, if you will.

I think I can safely blame credit cards for this too.  Why? Because credit cards give the illusion of money.  And, considering the amount of illusion, there is a lot of disillusion accompanying that.  But the illusion is like a drug, and I think it carried over into the borrowing and lending world related to housing and home buying.  The symptoms seem the same.  Why would someone sign on the bottom line when they KNOW they can never pay it back?  Because it is an addiction rush?  Because you ‘owe’ what you haven’t earned. (go Aesop).

And here my brain blips.  I just found a GRE prep course that starts on the 14th http://www.sherwoodtest.com/casogre.html and I’m tempted to talk to my husband about it, but I haven’t found the right whine yet.  I suppose I could take the one that begins on 12/2.  That might actually work better.  Trying to concentrate on more than one class at a time might make my head explode.  Or implode.  Whichever is more graphic to visualize at the moment, that’s what I’m talking about.


My eyes are watering.  I’m a little tired, I guess. I got up super early yesterday, worked, came home and worked, went to class and caught my last wind.  Today I’ve got a serious case of the water eyes.  I’m NOT crying.  I swear!  Maybe I should go explain this to my boss…haha


I’m out-

Bout of Positivism

September 21st, 2007

It is about time to have a round of positive.  After just reading my blog, I noticed a bit of lean towards the negative.

This morning I read that I got an A in my Web Technology Fundamentals course! Yay!  That is an excellent way to start off a day.

I signed up to take “Website Construction with Adobe Software: Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks.”  or “WCASDFF”. Hmmm..  Anyway, I also need to take the Introduction to Client Side Computing course, but that will have to wait until next time.  Since they are both on the same day and time, it wasn’t difficult to resist the crazy urge to take two courses. 

I’m still psyched about going to see Aesop Rock in concert next month!  I just have to find a sitter now…


Another amazing thing today was watching my 3 year old float, on his back, in the tub. Now, I’ve taught a lot of swimming in my day, and I very rarely encountered a kid who was comfortable on his/her back, let alone floating. I love my kid!!! He constantly blows my mind.

And finally, I am signed up to take a class at the Learning Annex called “How to start your own T-shirt Business”.  I was actually looking for a class on screen printing, but this looks fascinating too.  Can’t wait.


I’m out!-