I just watched the movie “MAXED OUT” online…

This country is so fucked. I guess I say that with another load of dump after reading about the housing bubble on WIKIPEDIA. I say this, save your money, don’t spend…we’re heading for some serious trouble. I think in 2008, just in time for a “new” president, we will see a huge recession, or depression, or both.

This isn’t meant to be a huge poo poo on the US…but we have these “expectations”. I think we’re all under the influence of the drug of entitlement, of “rags to riches”. Not that this doesn’t happen, it just doesn’t happen to many of us. In fact, such a small percentage of us, really.

Are things really this bad? Well? Yes. And they are only going to get worse.

And what do we do to fill our souls? We cannot depend on the so-called “leaders” of this country. They are bought and sold by corporate America. So how loud is your voice? How loud will your protest be when they take your home and all of your belongings? How much will you cry when you are living out of your car, with a general delivery mailbox to collect your unemployment? How will you bathe yourself when you have no sleep, no food, no protection? Who will you blame? And when the unemployment or wellfare runs out, will you wish to jump off a building in a dark sack, plummeting to your death, because no one knows…or will you be one of the existing…just existing…your new paradigm saturated with lack and a desire for more. Don’t get left behind. Find your voice, raise it in anger. Raise it in outrage.

This is the generation of bankruptcy.

I’m out-

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