It is about time to have a round of positive.  After just reading my blog, I noticed a bit of lean towards the negative.

This morning I read that I got an A in my Web Technology Fundamentals course! Yay!  That is an excellent way to start off a day.

I signed up to take “Website Construction with Adobe Software: Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks.”  or “WCASDFF”. Hmmm..  Anyway, I also need to take the Introduction to Client Side Computing course, but that will have to wait until next time.  Since they are both on the same day and time, it wasn’t difficult to resist the crazy urge to take two courses. 

I’m still psyched about going to see Aesop Rock in concert next month!  I just have to find a sitter now…


Another amazing thing today was watching my 3 year old float, on his back, in the tub. Now, I’ve taught a lot of swimming in my day, and I very rarely encountered a kid who was comfortable on his/her back, let alone floating. I love my kid!!! He constantly blows my mind.

And finally, I am signed up to take a class at the Learning Annex called “How to start your own T-shirt Business”.  I was actually looking for a class on screen printing, but this looks fascinating too.  Can’t wait.


I’m out!-

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