I hate election years. 

Last night in my latest class, as we did a round-robin of introductions, one of the students mentioned that he was a lawyer and an activist for the impeachment of Bush and other causes.  A few of us did a sparse applause my instructor barked “no politics in the class!” 


I love the class (so far, only 1 out of 10 nights completed) and I’m very fond of my instructor.  But the “no politics” thing got me thinking this morning.  I somehow manage to think about these things on the drive to work this morning.    It is his class and he is the boss.  It probably won’t keep me from asking the other guy about his causes, now that I’m curious at any rate.  But mostly I just want to focus on the coursework.  Sure, I can get distracted about this on the 101 Southbound, but this is my meager attempt at compartmentalizing I guess.


What is more interesting was the gal who sat just in front of me in the class who said that she worked in “real estate”.  This actually made me sad, considering the disastrous foreclosures and home prices falling like apples from a tree.  I’ve spent a lot of time searching out articles and reading up on what’s going on.  My favorite site so far is http://patrick.net/housing/crash.html because it is a collection of the day’s top articles on the subject.  On the brighter side of all this, if there is a brighter side, I am for the first time in my life glad to be renting.  I have also been educating myself on what it means to buy, values, appreciation, etc.  I didn’t think it was possible to be more disgusted with my government though, and watching them scurry to try and “save” the economy from all these liar loans and people who got these outrageous mortgages to begin with makes me sick to my stomach. I’m not saying all the people who got into this debachel deserve to get kicked out of their homes, but hells bells, even –I- knew that ½ million for a home would be impossible to pay off. And this is me, a college educated person, who has been with the same employer for nearly 6 years! I think I would, at most, pay for a house in the 150-170 range. And that’s from a two income family perspective. When I first moved to Los Angeles in 99 condos were in the 60k range. Now they are the same, if not more expensive than some listed homes in the Los Angeles area.  Take for example the new “town homes” going for the “amazing” price of $799,000!  What a steal?  They are just glorified 2-story apartments.  McMansion samplers, if you will.

I think I can safely blame credit cards for this too.  Why? Because credit cards give the illusion of money.  And, considering the amount of illusion, there is a lot of disillusion accompanying that.  But the illusion is like a drug, and I think it carried over into the borrowing and lending world related to housing and home buying.  The symptoms seem the same.  Why would someone sign on the bottom line when they KNOW they can never pay it back?  Because it is an addiction rush?  Because you ‘owe’ what you haven’t earned. (go Aesop).

And here my brain blips.  I just found a GRE prep course that starts on the 14th http://www.sherwoodtest.com/casogre.html and I’m tempted to talk to my husband about it, but I haven’t found the right whine yet.  I suppose I could take the one that begins on 12/2.  That might actually work better.  Trying to concentrate on more than one class at a time might make my head explode.  Or implode.  Whichever is more graphic to visualize at the moment, that’s what I’m talking about.


My eyes are watering.  I’m a little tired, I guess. I got up super early yesterday, worked, came home and worked, went to class and caught my last wind.  Today I’ve got a serious case of the water eyes.  I’m NOT crying.  I swear!  Maybe I should go explain this to my boss…haha


I’m out-

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