I post the above video, while I still can, because I think it is a good reminder of what a free voice is. Since today marks the day when the FCC voted to relax cross-ownership rules of our media, it seems fitting to do this while there is still the opportunity.

And what about Keith Olbermann’s new series, “Bushed!” about all the Bush-gates (over 53, and counting) scandals that the current administration has played smoke and mirrors about?

The latest offense to this great nation, and the world, is the tampering with contracts, in the form of a “bailout”. Who really gets bailed out? My question is, is this just another smoke and mirror to distract us from the fact that this is an upcoming election year, and there must be chaos to perform the necessary acts to take us to fascism? What could possibly be more chaotic than our current financial system in ruins? What could possibly distract us from the war, the torture, the destruction of the constitution and the destruction of the rule of law, than our economy going bust? What could sway the distraction better than having the media be heavily propagandized by corporate conglomerates who have lobbied for everything they want–and now have?

It makes my skin crawl to think that I am either right or insanely paranoid.

I had a friend who told me that the only reason we have helicopters flying overhead is so that we get “used” to them when they declare marshal law. I have news for you folks: within the last two weeks, military helicopters have flown through downtown Los Angeles. Foreshadowing?

Are we the poets of our own destiny? Are our dreams so shallow that we must have the products and amenities that make us “more”, “better” and “desirable”? The ultimate American dream is to have a house, a car, and a comfortable life. News flash: we’re all to blame. We are so busy (distracted) trying to get these ‘luxury’ items, these “homes” that we aren’t noticing the damage being done by our so-called ‘elected’ leaders. More legislation isn’t going to fix the housing crisis, heck, it can’t even get us OUT of this war. And these politicians and business people don’t want us out of this war, just like they really don’t want a “bailout”. They just want to maintain the status quotient.

What happened to the basics, and I mean real basics: Food, shelter, clothing?

I realize that my blahg is full of more questions than answers. And I’ll ask just one more: Why hasn’t President Bush been impeached yet?


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