Economic Aid Plans At-A-Glance

I am writing to oppose the wasteful and not-so-smart
economic stimulus package. I am a daily watcher of
the articles regarding the housing bubble, the
sub-prime mess, the fraud and rampant greed of
everyone involved in home creating, purchasing,
appraising and buying. Every day, I read about the
effects this will have or is having on the economy.
There were a lot of bad decisions made by many many
many people at all levels, including the fed and not
limited to the people signing the dotted lines for
their two or three mortgages.

Were you aware that there was a stimulus package in
the year 1929 <http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/great-fiscal-stimulus-package-/story.aspx?guid=%7BD3B850E5%2DE05D%2D40DA%2DA630%2D42B3CB838AE9%7D&dist=TNMostRead&ref=chrysta.org>, (depression?) and that it did little if
anything to stave of the re-balance that was necessary
for the stock market bubble created then. This
stimulus package will also prolong the agony of the
financial mistakes made over the past several years.

I fail to understand our “leaders” ability to
understand that history repeats itself, and that we
can and should do better. We should not be wasteful,
we should not reward the stupid and the greedy, and we
shouldn’t punish those that didn’t get caught up in
the hype. BUT if we all need to participate in the
activity of healing this disastrous economy, we all
need to be prepared to sit it out and let the nature
take its course. I am aware that big lobbiest and
businesses could go out of business, but this is
fitting. If they took the risk, they should also take
responsibility. Same goes for homeowners. No one will
be homeless, they can rent for less than the price of
their mortgage or previous mortgage.

Which brings me to thinking about what “change” really
means. Does it mean not cow-towing to corporate
conglomerates who are now the true operators of our
government? Or do we have real leaders in Washington
who will take command of the situation, tell us it is
going to hurt, but the sooner we go through it, the
better and for the shorter duration it will last?

I am 200% opposed to a tax rebate stimulus and
raising the limits of FM and FRMac. I am 100%
supporting tighter lending practice regulations, and
for the natural rebalance of our economy.

I want to appeal to you, by saying that I may never be
able to purchase a home that is 1/2 million or more.
Even condominiums are in that range. I have a family,
we are renters. Bring the prices of homes back to
being fundamentally based on income, not greed. Then
we’ll have progress. Quit tinkering with the
aftermath and let the natural healing process begin.

And it is NOT okay to extend the Bush administration’s terrorism surveillance program, which Republican leaders have set as a condition for allowing the stimulus bill to move ahead.  Let’s end the un-warrented surveillance ASAP and get back to correcting the way government in America was intended to operate, with Law and Ethics.


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