Well, it certainly has been an interesting week. First, the Department of Transportation runs out of money for their federal highway trust fund, effectively hurting every state by fueling future employment woes View an article regarding it here. Unemployment seems to be creeping up, despite the ‘funny math’ they use to mask it and inflation.

Prior to that we had the “Palin” announcement for the GOP. The title of my blog is because I was looking at one of the pictures coming out in the media of McCain looking at her booty. Ewww. Not only that, I then had the gall, the nerve, the sick audacity, to imagine the two having sex. I nearly threw up. More on this in a moment, after I stop twitching.

Oh, and then what? The biggest socialized-welfare for the rich-bail out of Fannie and Freddie Macs was enacted. This is causing quite a stir, because, well, it’s just wrong. It has wrong written all over it. In some respects, and this is just a speculation, perhaps we should elect republicans back into office. The definitely won’t fix this problem, however, they might make it seem a little more tolerable with their cheery Kool-Aid® outlook on all of it. I don’t think either “party” can fix the problem. Touting off the talking point of “bipartisan” collaborations seems ridiculous. Somebody needs to just take the ball in the court and try to fix things, and the only one with any real ideas on the issue seems to be Congressman Ron Paul.

FICA is said to have already blown 10% of its capital on IndyMac bank (Pasadena), which is pretty close to home. AND if that isn’t bad enough, WAMU just fired it’s CEO read more here . WAMU has been “talking” with regulators too, because they are in a jumbo heap of a mess with mortgages (pun fun?).

And to top the WAMU/Fannie/Freddie thing off, people are actually pretty upset that 1. the top executives are making HUGE wages/bonuses when the companies are tanking and 2. that the new CEO’s are making less, but still making a fortune. Oh, and what about F/F Mac’s view that when there is profit, the investors benefit, and when there is loss the tax payer’s pay? This seems criminal. Oh wait. It is.

I was watching  this guy and he pretty much thinks that investing in banks or the US dollar is a huge mistake. Probably wise. He says commodities . When I think about investing it makes sense, I have thought about solar and wind investments, alternative energies. I’m sure that might make a hit, considering they haven’t discovered fresh oil in quite a while, and the peak oil thing is probably the real reason we invaded Iraq in the first place.

Okay, and finally, of all the really catastrophic news I got to reading about Palin and feminism. Feminism and the media. The media, yet another huge disappointment in their propagandist reporting of election coverage. I really do hate election years. I’m not apologetic for this: Palin is not the woman for the job. She is not qualified, she’s worse than Bush and she is a little on the nutsy side. If attacking her on her lying, her lack of international experience, her lack of experience in general, her lack of knowledge of the economic issues facing this economy, the war, and finally a women’s choice makes me sexist (hahah) then so be it. Men, do not be afraid. McCain is not any better, with a 95% voting record correlating with Bushy. I think we should embrace this sexism for a change. Hillary got quite a bit of sexist coverage in the media, because, she was more qualified than any of the men running. They had to find something to go after her about. But ultimately, she was not charismatic enough, and that’s not sexist, that’s just how it is. Charisma shouldn’t have to be a requirement for office, but for these big political tickets sure does help. That’s why McSame was floundering before he found the lovely lady. He’s old, kind of flip/floppy, doesn’t understand what Middle America is about. I could go on and on. Palin, she’s got that Mary Kay made up look about her and that good ‘ol gal thing, the same way Bush had the good ol guy thing going for him. Let the stupid people of American who can’t see through this rejoice! Amen.

Am I mad? Yeah, a little. Sexism is serious and the Republicans toss it around as one of their wag-the-dog tactics. Am I worried? Yeah, a little. It seems like a scam, it seems like swift boating, it seems like Lieberman is being primed for the position.

Is all this wasted time or energy really going to help? Probably not. As you can see above, many of the failures of the past 8 years are so large, that they will probably take twice as long to undo as they took to do. It wasn’t this Democratic congress that did all this, like the delusional Bush would like you to think. Congress was run by Republicans for the past 7 years. How soon we forget. And now the actual lead of this congress isn’t by much, it isn’t enough, and it isn’t filled with the right democrats. Many of these dems need to be voted out for collusion just as much as Bush needs a swift kick to the head.

I’m not pro-democrat per say, but I’m certainly finding the groundwork to detest almost ALL republicans. And I detest that we dumb down ala propaganda of the media to instantaneously forget all the major scandals of our current government to pay attention to some moronic chick from Alaska (no offense to Alaskans, really).

Currently, I’m worried that most of our environmental laws are being tossed out by Bushes bullies. That, and the stupid FISA bill that passed worries me greatly. I see the next step this government takes will likely be more mistakes with money (housing related), and to also stop Internet’s current level of access. They see it two ways, one to help them raise money, and another a great threat to their positions. If it comes to it, they will allow for the money to flow to them, but they’ll limit people like me and other bloggers to put their voices out to be heard. It is too local and big government doesn’t like local communities. They are a threat to their constituency trust in their actions and lack of transparency of the job we have voted them into do.

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