September 14th, 2007

As I was lunching with a good friend I realized that the word I had been searching for since Monday was “trivialized”.  Why?  My boss has been doing just this with everything me.  My work, my classes.  Oh yes, the work I understand, that’s her forte.  But my classes?  She said, “They tend to be easy on the grades” with regards to my extension studies. Exsqueeze me? 

I just have to vent:  I [fucking] work hard at my class work.  I have to!  My memory sucks, I’ve developed an unreasonable reaction to quizzes and tests, I am very hard on myself, and if I’ll not be damned, every moment I have is spent doing work, driving to and from work, doing class stuff or trying to give some time to my kid and my husband.  I’m not complaining about all this, I enjoy being ‘busy’ but, I have never gotten the sense from any of my instructors that grading was “easier” than any other college level course I’ve taken.

Yes. Totally resisting the urge to make this petty about my boss.  I should know her by now.  First, let me ask myself “why?” is she doing this, and “why now?”  Why?  Is it because the affect on me is to work harder?  Yeah, right.  I’m about ready to give up and walk away.  If it weren’t for the fact that my kid wants a computer for the holidays and I need some new pants and shoes, it might actually happen.  Why now? This is an easy one.  I’m up for a semi-promotion.  I want more money, and any excuse not to give it to me is conveniently popping up right about now.

I guess that big ol’ question of whether or not it is worth it to start a job search about now or not is looming large in the back of my mind.  What a pain in the ass.

Should I sleep?

August 21st, 2007

I just watched the movie “MAXED OUT” online…

This country is so fucked. I guess I say that with another load of dump after reading about the housing bubble on WIKIPEDIA. I say this, save your money, don’t spend…we’re heading for some serious trouble. I think in 2008, just in time for a “new” president, we will see a huge recession, or depression, or both.

This isn’t meant to be a huge poo poo on the US…but we have these “expectations”. I think we’re all under the influence of the drug of entitlement, of “rags to riches”. Not that this doesn’t happen, it just doesn’t happen to many of us. In fact, such a small percentage of us, really.

Are things really this bad? Well? Yes. And they are only going to get worse.

And what do we do to fill our souls? We cannot depend on the so-called “leaders” of this country. They are bought and sold by corporate America. So how loud is your voice? How loud will your protest be when they take your home and all of your belongings? How much will you cry when you are living out of your car, with a general delivery mailbox to collect your unemployment? How will you bathe yourself when you have no sleep, no food, no protection? Who will you blame? And when the unemployment or wellfare runs out, will you wish to jump off a building in a dark sack, plummeting to your death, because no one knows…or will you be one of the existing…just existing…your new paradigm saturated with lack and a desire for more. Don’t get left behind. Find your voice, raise it in anger. Raise it in outrage.

This is the generation of bankruptcy.

I’m out-

WTF – great class

July 18th, 2007

I was a little hesistant about my courses this time around. But I’m really enjoying my Web Technology Fundamentals course. I bought the recommended-but-not-required book. So far, so good. I dropped the HTML class. It was redundant and a little dated. Some of the salary information provided was from 1998/9. Almost 10 years ago. Ouches.


I went to see the LA Contemporary Dance performace, but now the choreographer/teacher is taking a break until August. I hope she’s just “breaking” and not being too hard on herself. Hard to tell, I don’t know her well enough. She’s an outstanding dancer/teacher, a real treat to watch. I was getting so much out of her classes…


Thinking about yoga now. Black Dog Yoga. I was at my kid’s gym class and one of the parents recommended it. I think she teaches there. There is something about stretching and strength that I am finding really attractive lately.


I haven’t forgotten my post about HFCS. I think about it all the time now. Corn sugars, diabetes. Correlation? It’s on my mind, but I’ve got a lot going on right now. Stay tuned…try to eat real sugar.


I’m out-

Wax Tailor

June 28th, 2007

to dry up

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I’m checking out two Montessori schools on Tuesday morning. Below is why:

We are in desperate need of your help.

1010 Development Corporation has evicted a 68 Child day care, the Children’s Learning Center. The center is located in the South Park Neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles.

Without intervention the child care center will close. The 68 children and their families will have no where to go. This particularly affects at least 18 children who are in state-sponsored spaces through Crystal Stairs. These spaces for low-income families are particularly difficult to find; the parents may have to quit their jobs and go back onto welfare.

Was the school being mismanaged, or property being destroyed? NO! The school is being well run, and but for the eviction case, would have been able to make use of a $200,000 S Mark Taper Foundation grant to improve the play yard, as well as thousands of dollars in other grants for: teacher training, supplies, reading readiness programs, etc. As it is, those grant funds have had to be forfeited.

Why was it evicted?

I believe it’s because the people who care about the daycare removed it from under the direct control of Darrell T Weist, and he retaliated with eviction.

The story in a nutshell:

Until July 1, 2005, DarEll Weist was serving as:

Pastor of First United Methodist Church of Los Angeles (Holds the childcare license for Children’s Learning Center)

Chair of the Board of the South Park Neighborhood Center (Fiscal Sponsor for Children’s Learning Center)

President and CEO of 1010 Development/ OL Hope (Landlord for Children’s Learning Center)

The South Park Neighborhood bylaws were ignored. The board of 1010/OL Hope conducted the business for SPNC, in violation of the bylaws.

When the parents of CLC found out this was happening, they began to complain.

The parents and the then-director located a lease between OL Hope and Children’s Learning Center that said the CLC only had to pay $1/year in rent; they were paying $811.50.

The CLC stopped paying $811.50 in rent in 2004, and succeeded in forcing Weist to seat an independent board for SPNC by October of 2005.

In July of 2005, DarEll Weist was replaced by Rev. Sandie Richards, as pastor of First UMC LA.

Weist told me that the church had nothing to do with any of the other entities (1010 Dev., SPNC, CLC) which was not the case.

In February of 2006 Rev. Richards discovered that the church held a seat on the SPNC Board, and the license to operate the Children’s Learning Center. She asserted my rights as a board member and as the representative for the licensee, while the parents of CLC fought to keep the school operating against the incompetent management of 1010 Dev Corp and the Director of the SPNC.

By June 1, 2006 the parents and Rev. Richards succeeded in convincing the SPNC board members that SPNC could not care for the Children’s Learning Center, and the SPNC voted to allow CLC to ‘spin off’, and get its own 501(c)(3).

At first, Weist said he would cooperate with the spin off, but later reneged. On behalf of CLC, we filed a letter with the State Attorney General’s office complete with exhibits A – U documenting the financial & fiduciary violations. The AG’s office replied that although there was evidence of criminal acts, they didn’t have the resources to pursue the matter. In other words, we were too small to matter.

The Children’s Learning Center received a notice to quit in August of 2006 based on the fact that it was a ‘new entity’, that the lease had been improperly assigned to the ‘new’ CLC, and that the daycare had to be out in three days.

The Children’s Learning Center asserted that since the church was and had always been the licensee, and since the lease was with the Children’s Learning Center (not its former fiscal sponsor SPNC) that the lease belonged to the CLC.

The case went to trial last week, June 11, 2007. On Friday, June 16, 2007, the Judge rendered her verdict in favor of OL Hope/1010, and so the eviction is going forward.

Without immediate intervention, the CLC will have to close.

Other facts:

1010 Dev. Corp/OL Hope received approx. $375,000 in funds from the CDD with a matching grant from Bank of America to build and operate a daycare for families from low income neighborhoods. These funds were to build the space that is now the childcare center. Without a childcare center operating, the CDD funds become a loan which must be paid back.

Retaliatory actions have occurred all along, most notably the removal of parking spaces for teachers and drop off/pick up spaces for parents, along with a refusal to sign to allow the City of LA to designate curb-side drop off/pick up spaces in front of OL Hope’s building. (Property manager John Stern replied, “We are trying to evict you!” and refused to sign the consent for the city.)

This past week, the water was turned off in the play yard, during the hottest week of the year. This prevented the children from being able to have water play, and prevented the teachers from being able to clean the yard.

Any help that could be provided to stay the eviction and help create some rapprochement to keep the school open would be useful.

Contact me if you have magical powers, or a miracle to spare.


Wait for it…

June 16th, 2007

One of my classes, which was to start June 25 was postponed to July 9. I guess that will be OK. I was looking forward to occupying my mind with a whirlwind of everything web. C’est la vie!

We watched a pirated copy of “SiCKO” last night. It is difficult to watch something like that and not wonder how this country became so sick, and why we chose capitalism, which obviously has some severe problems. It is difficult to watch something as poignant as a Michael Moore propaganda documentary and not kind-of lightly feel embarrassed to be an American. Oh. And I hate Bush and his administration. I can’t say it enough. He is the worst president this country has ever had, and I don’t think there will ever be worse. I hope not, anyway. I suppose we could go from tyrant to dictator. But I’m choosing to ignore that thought~! Cancel, cancel, cancel.

Chrysta’s Pandora Station I don’t think I’ve posted my Pandora radio station here yet. Here it is. Enjoy.

Up next: Corn Fed America

I’m out-

This is Broken – desperate measures?

Cheeta on car – keep smiling!

Platinum and Diamond Encrusted Skull -- 99 Million

British artist Damien Hirst with is platinum and diamond encrusted skull, estimated value of 99 Million.
This guy is pretty creepy? interesting? creative? I’m not really sure. Hirst Photo Show

Ow ow ow ow

June 4th, 2007

Finally made it to the Saturday class at Diavolo Dance Lab. The person teaching is in charge of this company: LA Contemporary Dance, Kate Hutter, and she was great! I am a little pained today, but it was just what I was looking for. I was not amazed to feel how stiff and unflexible I am after such a long period of not moving. I have to take it easy, too, because I just don’t have the strength I used to have either. That, and I have a little more weight to toss around here and there, to and fro, so to speak.

I plan to make it to next week’s class also. I think I’ll take a towel this time though, and maybe some extra water.

Strange new fascination

June 1st, 2007

I found myself on “myspace.com” the past few days, primarily because some of the artist musicians that I like have nice pages there with music and some with videos. I likey. The part that I don’t find attractive is the flashy pages, or the pages that instantly play obnoxious songs. Anyway, long story short, I created a space for myself on myspace and I feel OLD and cheesy, like I’m not hip enough. But, this is all a frame of mind, and, while I’m not really there for friends or what-have-you, it’s a viral way of looking at other people. For example, I read a young girl’s blog and I felt kind-of sad for her. Not that she was sad, but that she was, just, well, how do I put this? Not interesting, but trying really really hard to be. She reminded me of my freshman year in high school, and while that was detrimental to my life, it was fairly colorful. Naive.

The other thing is that it has an “instant” blog. I much prefer my solitude here, on this site, with my low readership (I don’t think I’ve mentioned this to my mother yet probably because of my cussing habit).


My other hope is that I will be able to build on this site a bit; with the two courses I’m taking next quarter. Did I already mention that? Do I read my own blog? Apparently not. :p


I managed to configure my work’s frustrating new software registration program. Mission 1/2 accomplished! Yay me!


I just started reading another self-help-yourself book. This one has made me painfully aware of the lack of responsibility we take for our own emotions and feelings, and our dependence on control. I had a revelation, that this is the first relationship where I’ve had more control, and I like it. I would dare to speak for my partner, but the same is probably true for him also. Letting go of control feels like letting go of you, when in reality, that is part of sharing that created the control in the first place.

I’m being as brief as I can with my thoughts on the matter. I guess, what I’m trying to say, control is like any other addictive person, place or thing. Trouble is, it acts in a negative way the same way as any other addictive person, place or thing by being able to control things.

Anyhow, I’m having lots of reflective fun with this latest book: “Do I have to give up me to be loved by you?”

DO I???



I’m out.

I am working on a software interface called cvent to create event registration for my work’s events. We’ve had the software for about a week now, and I think I need some more hands on training or something. Somehow, things are not linking up properly for the registration. Either that or I don’t understand the verbiage they are using for the distinctions on events, costs, etc. It should be simple, but somehow, I’m missing something. I suppose I could turn to the 150-page manual. Heh.